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See Application info and Screening Criteria at the bottom of this page.








Application submission information and Screening Criteria below:


All persons 18 or older will need to submit a separate and fully completed application. 

For your convenience, you may complete the application and submission process online. 

Please include the following with each application:



Fully Completed and Signed Application per adult.  

$40.00 Non Refundable Application Fee per adult. (Use Credit Card online, No personal checks) 

Copy of Valid Government Issued Picture ID.  

Most recent Pay Check Stub and/or other Proof of Income.  

**Please be prepared to provide visual proof of your SSN upon request.





Applicant Process - Applicant(s) urged to review the screening criteria to determine if requirements can be met.  Each applicant 18 years of age and older shall submit a completed application and pay the appropriate non-refundable applicant screening fee(s).  Acceptance or denial of the application may take up to 5 business days once the application is first in line. We run a credit report, background check and verify housing/rental history. Applicants have the right to dispute any consumer reporting information.


Deposit - Any Security Deposits quoted are standard minimums.  If application is approved, Final Security Deposit required will be on a case-by-case basis and will be determined based on the strength of application per screening criteria below.


Rent to Income Ratio - Combined income of all applicants must be verifiable and shall be at least three (3) times the rent.


Sources of Income - All sources of employment and non-employment income shall be legally obtained and verifiable.  At the time of application it shall be the obligation of the applicant to provide proof of income through pay stubs, tax returns, investment reports, or other proof. We may also require employer verification.  Stability of the source and amount of income during the past five years may be considered.  If there is limited time on the job, at the option of the owner/agent, the application may still be accepted with a higher deposit.  


Income to Debt Ratio - Housing and utilities shall not exceed 35% of total income.  Installment debt payments shall not exceed 35% of total income.  Under certain circumstances, if the applicant does not have installment debts, income to debt ratio for housing may be permitted to be slightly higher.  This is determined on a case-by-case basis and the owner/agent will have final say regarding approval.


Housing References - The applicant(s) shall provide information necessary to verify current and previous rental or ownership history for the past five years.  Information obtained from friends or those related by blood or marriage is not considered a rental reference.  If the applicant's housing during the past five years has included home ownership, mortgage payment history shall be considered.  If there is limited rental history, at the option of the owner/agent, the application may still be accepted with a higher deposit.  F.E.D. judgments or foreclosures against any adult within the last 5 years may result in denial of all adults in the group. Owner/Agent has final say in evaluation of rental/ownership history.


Credit Worthiness - Credit worthiness will be determined from a credit report, which should reflect prudent payment history.  Applicant(s) history should be free of evictions, judgments, and collections.  If there appears to be some negative credit history, at the option of the owner/agent, the application may still be accepted with a higher deposit.   The Owner/Agent has final say regarding credit evaluation.


Limitations -   Occupancy may not exceed two persons per bedroom.  Parking shall be limited to no more than 2 vehicles per unit, unless agreed to in writing by management company or owner of property.  Pets may or may not be permitted, dependent on the owner. If pets are allowed, a higher security deposit and/or additional rent may apply.  The owner/agent will allow reasonable modifications to the unit which are necessary to assist those with disabilities.


Arrests and Convictions - Arrests and/or convictions will be evaluated.  Any individual whose occupancy could constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or could result in physical damage to the premises will be denied.  The owner/agents decision regarding arrests & convictions will be final.


Demeanor and Behavior - The demeanor and behavior of applicants during the application process will be considered.


Incomplete, Illegible, Inaccurate, or Falsified Information - Any information that is incomplete, illegible, inaccurate, or falsified may be grounds for rejection/denial of application or termination of the rental agreement upon discovery.


Renter's Insurance - All applicants must provide proof to Eldred Realty upon move in of renter’s insurance with a minimum 100,000 Liability.  The owner’s policy will not cover the tenant’s personal belongings under any circumstances.


Other Variance Policy - Failure to meet the screening criteria as stated above, by any one applicant may be grounds for Denial of their application and all of the applications in their group.  At the discretion of the owner/agent, the application may be approved with a variance, which will require a higher security deposit.  The deposit could be up to 4 times the rent and will be determined by the owner/agent.  All deposits quoted are standard minimums.



Call Eldred Realty, Inc. at 503-581-3434 with questions regarding the application process. 




 **All amounts may be subject to change prior to execution of Rental Agreement and/or during tenancy as allowed per law 

Application Fee of $40 per adult due at time application submitted.

Late Rent Charge of $100  (minimum) 

Dishonored (NSF) Check Fee $35 plus any bank fees 

Smoke Alarm or Carbon Monoxide Alarm tampering Fee $250, or as allowed by law 

Failure to clean up pet waste, garbage, or other waste Fee $50 per occurrence, or as allowed by law 

Unauthorized Pet $250 per occurrence and every 48 hours until removed, or as allowed by law 

Early Termination of Lease Fee is 1 ½ times the rent amount or actual damages at option of owner 

Fee for smoking in a non-smoking/vaping unit, $250 per violation, or as allowed by law